Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oil Base Cooling System for CPU cooling - first of its kind solution from Hardcore Computer

When you perform complex function using your computer (simulation, rendering 3d design ... etc), I think you may have face trouble with computer slow down and being struck ... so and so. One of major reason behind it is high temperature of computer major components such as processor, VGA, ... etc. Increase temperature will limit electron transferring though  nano level circuit paths of processors and other components and it causes poor performance of your computer.


Hardcore computer has come up with very innovative solution. With first of its kind submersion technology they offer

  • Maximum performance as active components maintain low temperatures
  • Even highly over-clocked parts keep operating due to safe, non-stressing temperatures
  • Unmatched cooling capabilities—Core Coolant absorbs 10x more heat than air and circulates through our Delphi-certified radiator at 2.5 gallons/minute
  • Long service life—components not subject to heat last longer
  • Can perform complex functions—you’ll stop before your computer does



According engadget.com analysis hardcore computers uses a mineral oil which is not break down or rancid and a pump circulates the liquid through a side-mounted radiator for cooling while all the wet components slide out of the top for potentially mess-free maintenance.

User can lift central processing unit from submersion tank and keep up until oil drip off. Then user can remove, add, clean any part of central processing unit.

hardcorepc_01_sm User can lift central processing unit from submersion tank


hardcorepc_03_sm  keep up until oil drip off


The  company has U.S. Patent No. 7,403,392 for “Liquid submersion cooling system.” They are marketing this product for a price of 5560 $.

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