Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oil Base Cooling System for CPU cooling - first of its kind solution from Hardcore Computer

When you perform complex function using your computer (simulation, rendering 3d design ... etc), I think you may have face trouble with computer slow down and being struck ... so and so. One of major reason behind it is high temperature of computer major components such as processor, VGA, ... etc. Increase temperature will limit electron transferring though  nano level circuit paths of processors and other components and it causes poor performance of your computer.


Hardcore computer has come up with very innovative solution. With first of its kind submersion technology they offer

  • Maximum performance as active components maintain low temperatures
  • Even highly over-clocked parts keep operating due to safe, non-stressing temperatures
  • Unmatched cooling capabilities—Core Coolant absorbs 10x more heat than air and circulates through our Delphi-certified radiator at 2.5 gallons/minute
  • Long service life—components not subject to heat last longer
  • Can perform complex functions—you’ll stop before your computer does



According engadget.com analysis hardcore computers uses a mineral oil which is not break down or rancid and a pump circulates the liquid through a side-mounted radiator for cooling while all the wet components slide out of the top for potentially mess-free maintenance.

User can lift central processing unit from submersion tank and keep up until oil drip off. Then user can remove, add, clean any part of central processing unit.

hardcorepc_01_sm User can lift central processing unit from submersion tank


hardcorepc_03_sm  keep up until oil drip off


The  company has U.S. Patent No. 7,403,392 for “Liquid submersion cooling system.” They are marketing this product for a price of 5560 $.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

chemical engineering solutions


This volume in the Coulson and Richardson series in Chemical Engineering contains full worked solution for problems in Volume 1. This volume contains detail solutions for vol 1 questions.

Example solution:-


It is found experimentally that the terminal settling velocity u0 of a spherical particle in a fluid is a function of the following quantities: particle diameter, d; buoyant weight of particle (weight of particle weight of displaced fluid), W; fluid density, and fluid viscosity, Obtain a relationship for u0 using dimensional analysis. Stokes established, from theoretical considerations, that for small particles which settle at very low velocities, the settling velocity is independent of the density of the fluid except in so far as this affects the buoyancy. Show that the settling velocity must then be inversely proportional to the viscosity of the fluid.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Webhostingrating.com a hosting guide for webmasters

Webhostingrating.com is a comprehensive guide on web hosting with state of the art analysis over industrial data of hosting business. It provide web hosting ratings on Unix Hosting,Windows Hosting,Reseller Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Hosting,Colocation Hosting and Managed Hosting. As example if reader needs to know what is top 10 Unix Hosting service in industry they can view Webhostingrating.com's rating on Unix Hosting and find out what are the companies in top tire of the business.

It provide yearly award for several categories include Best Budget Hosting,Best Blog Hosting, Best Forum Hosting, Best Unix Hosting ... etc. It guide on blog hosting services with several categories including wordpress. It is very good news for hosting service providers that they provide chance to submit information of any web hoster onto their hosting rating platform. [They only accept independent hosting companies only. AFFILIATES and RESELLERS do NOT qualify]

web hosting

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia



This four volume set gives details for the manufacture of 2,226 pharmaceuticals that are being marketed as a trade-named product somewhere in the world. Each entry includes:

Theraputic Function
Chemical and Common Name
Structural Formula
Chemical Abstracts Number
Trade Name, Manufacturer, Country, and Year Introduced
Raw Materials
Manufacturing Process



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia.pdf



free download

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software - A Complete Management Information System (MIS)


MARG Pharmaceutical Sales, Stock, MIS and Accounts Management software is innovative software which enable Pharmaceutical industries for 


Inventory Control

Sales and Purchase Control

Order Processing




Usually MARP software are powered with MS technology so it is very easy to use in Window environment. It also powered with SMS, Online Graphs, E-mails .. etc.

Amazing speed, round the clock service, accuracy and cost effectiveness is their tools to become success in market.


More details from


Business process management software - with business graphics

SmartDraw offer wide range of flexibility to manage business process with graphic generating platform. SmartDraw allow user to generate and export[word, visio, powerpoint, exel ... etc] following features.

  • Flowcharts
  • Org Charts
  • Project Timelines
  • Gantt Charts
  • Scheduling Calendars
  • Bar Graphs & Pie Charts
  • Marketing Charts
  • Forms
  • Floor Plans



Enter your email address in comments to obtain link to download this software free.

business intelligence and Business Process Management




A book on proactive management of business measurements and goals, Real-time enterprise business and Monitor and manage business processes by panel of authors

  • Chuck Ballard
  • Ahmed Abdel-Hamid
  • Robert Frankus
  • Fabio Hasegawa
  • Julio Larrechart
  • Pietro Leo
  • Jo Ramos


ebook, download, torrent, .pdf

Green SUVs, Hybrid SUVs that carry real value

Toyota Highlander Hybrid


Price: 34,700 - $41,020

Fuel economy: 25 mpg High Way, 27 mpg City


Ford Escape Hybrid



Price: $29,305

Fuel economy: 31 mpg Hwy, 34 mpg City



Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid



Price: $53,260

Fuel economy: 20 mpg Hwy, 20 mpg City

Sunday, October 5, 2008

100% Eco Friendly Electric Car, Now in Sri Lanka


Every increasing fuel price  ......, it is not reduce even though crude oil barrel price decrease ......

Emission of COX, NOX, SOX cause environmental issues ...... global warming

It is our responsibility find and go for environment friendly and economical solutions. There is good news for people who wish to purchase a new car recently. Electrica, a plug and run electrical car @ 1.2 million LKR which runs @ 2.5 LKR/km cost is a good option for them.

Product Information:

Dimension(LxWxH): 3020x1515x1520mm
Drive type: rear wheel drive
wheelbase: 2560 mm
Steering system: rack-and-pinion steering gear
Wheel type (front/rear):155-80R1277T/155-80R1277T
Mi.ground clearance: 110mm
Parking brake: hand / rear-wheel brake
Net weight: 790kg
Battery type: lead-acid maintenance battery
Power: 72V AC 6.5kW/48V DC 3kW
Weight of battery: 384kg
Electric system: 12V DC
Battery life: recharging for 500 times
Charger: 72V, 25A
Track(front/rear): 1255/1300mm
Controller: 72V
Battery: 12V/200Ah*6 lead-acid
Max. speed: 55km/h(can be restricted below 40km/h)
Max. climbing capability: 13 degrees
Min.turning diameter: 4.6m
Braking distance: within 6m
Running distance: 130km
Charging time: within 10h
Speed control: pedal control /automatic

(Source: http://www.asia.ru/ProductInfo/823795.html)


Sole Agent in Sri Lanka

Ecowheels (pvt) Ltd,

1003/2, Pannipitiya Road, Battaramulla.


Tel -


Solar Domestic Water Heating Systems - In Sri Lanka





GreenEarth Solution


Solar power is good solution to obtain hot water for your individual or family requirements. It saves our electricity bill and it can be considered as one of most applicable green solution for hot water requirement. In Sri Lanka we can obtain these product and maintenance @ affordable prices.




Alpha Thermal System (pvt) Ltd. (www.solartherm.lk)


121, Castle Street,

Colombo 08

Sri Lanka.



+94 11 267 9944

+94 11 267 0544

+94 11 4615616

+94 11 4615617


Facsimile -

+94 11 267 9945





GreenEarth Solutions

Green Earth Renewable (pvt) Ltd. (www.greenearth.lk)

No. 49/1, Railway Avenue,









Solar Power Solutions in Sri Lanka from Lorentz

A solar power solution providing Germany based company provide total solutions on solar power systems in Sri Lanka.

  • Solar Power Community water supply
  • Solar powered swimming pool pumps
  • Solar panel sun tracking systems

Are some of their product which is marketed and serviced by Sri Lankan company, E. B. Creasy & Co. PLC. 


 solar A Solar Water Pump


solar tracking system  A solar tracking system


suncentricp A Solar Pool Pump



Contacts for purchasing and information

Sri Lanka -

E. B. Creasy & Co. PLC.

98, Sri Sangaraja Road, Colombo 10,

Tel - +940112478806, +940777915040, +940772519787




Headquarter Germany

Heidekoppel 16
24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

Tel. +(0)4193 7548-0
Fax +(0)4193 7548-29

Web- http://www.lorentz.de

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is NaNo Technology?


image image  image


      WoW ..... A great technology which is changing present world and will make all future happens one day. What is nano technology, it is the science that involve in manufacturing materials, devices and machines at the nanometer, or atomic/molecular, scale. The word nano came from Greek word for “dwarf”. It means one billionth. Can you imagne that 1 nanometer is the length of three atoms.  When scientists work with this range of things, they are called nano technologists.

      There are two mechanism to manufacture nano scale products.  "Top Down" and "Bottom Up" are that two major mechanisms. In Top Down mechanism building something by starting with a larger component and carving away material (like a sculpture).Example: patterning (using photolithography) and etching away material, as in building integrated circuits.

      “Bottom-up” – building something by assembling smaller components (like building a car engine).Example: self-assembly of atoms and molecules, as in chemical and biological systems.