Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Jobs - Future for Green Hopes

UN report, 'Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World', was commissioned and funded by the UN's Environment Programme says there will be millions of green jobs by 2030. Presently there are about million people working on biofuels and according to the above report it will raise upto 12 million by 2030. These green jobs will basically focus on shifting between crude oil based product to solar, biofules, wind ... etc. It will also focus on expansion of recycling and making environmentally friendly vehicles.

1332_ren A simple break down of jobs

BioFules - 12 million

Manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar panels  - 6.3 million

Wind power - 2 million

People presently work hard on green technology research will have bright future and I think present scenario in computer and mobile gadget will be the future situation in green technology.

Everyone will look into it and will need to add it to their life. ........ 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I started live writer as my blog editing tool

Today I download windows live writer and installed in my PC to write my blog is very attractive way. It is awesome tool and I found it very compatible with editing, inserting hyperlinks - Pictures - Tables - Maps - Videos .... etc. 

live writer 


This is a preview of the WYSIWYG type blog post editing tool. Actually great web tool over Internet.

It has many features and just like editing and writing a word document. We can add many web blogs into one editor and write them separate.  

Hire me as Technical Writer to post about your product, service, website, books, ..... etc.

I am enthusiast technical writer on mainly on chemical and process engineering and also on some technological areas. You can hire me to write about your product, service, website, books, ..... etc if they align on following areas.

My scope of writing

Chemical Engineering
Process Engineering
Energy Engineering [I preferred alternative energy topics, bio diesel, wind,solar ]
Environment Engineering
Food Engineering
Polymer Engineering
Nano Technology

About Author

  • Dilantha Thushara Subasinghe, a graduate chemical and process engineer.
  • Working in one of largest bra Cup moulding facility in south asia
  • Author of www.chempro.org, www.tcetoday.info

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bill Gates enters into green fuel industry

Software industry giant Bill Gates has invested in Sapphire Energy, a company that intends to make auto fuel from algae. The Sapphire Energy is funded by Investors include Gates' investment firm Cascade Investment, as well as Arch Venture Partners, Wellcome Trust, and Venrock and they have raised their fund upto 100 million $.

Making fuel using algae is a bright way of researching on extracting fuel as it rich in oil and can grow in wide range of environmental conditions.

Sapphire Energy which is based in San Diego has successful to produce 91 octane gasoline from algae. The recent investments will help the company to scale up their facilities to produce 10000 barrels a day and run in commercial scale.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Golden Quote from Bill Gates

"If you born poor thats not your mistake, but if you die poor that is definitely you mistake - Bill Gates"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The richest man in babylon

Recenlty I brought Dr. Priyanga de Soyza's Mokvana book. It is a personal development guiding book, but in extra ordinary approach. When I go thorough that book quickly (I did not found leisure time to read that book totally concentrate manner)I found some pages about book "The richest man in babylon" which is written by George S. Calson.

This is a book which describe the science of most of wealthiest countries, nations and people. I wish to read both of this books end of this hard working week days.

MSc in Sustainable Process Development

Department of chemical and process engineering, University of Moratuwa is delivering a Master of Science in Sustainable Process Development.