Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sharing Knowledge and exposing to Web

We are in Department of Chemical Engineering University of Moratuwa doing great academic and industrial research projects. We have our own limitations with financial support comparing to some foreign university research budgets. But we are doing our best to deliver our professional works to world.

But sharing student and there research information is lacking. Today world is getting closing and we can share information with people anywhere in world. WWW is great innovation in previous century and it is becoming stronger in this century. In 1990s .com boom explore the business potential of WWW. Before 1990s scientist established proper way to share research information among each other.

Let us found out way to share our information at least now. I know there is academic paper publications, conferences and many more tools to share our research activities. But why we go behind them and waiting their approval for publishing them. They can reject our whole research publication because of single grammatical mistake or spelling mistake. But according to my view we do not mind about petty mistake and allow that idea to play major role in Industry.

As example if a student come up with proper alternative system. We need such ideas with out any delay and make them to happen in industry. I think rather going behind foreign scientists to approve our research papers we can share it among each other and come up with industrial scale solutions.

I think building up chemical engineers’ network on web as alternative to break barriers in information sharing. I have build up chemical engineers’ network and it contains more than 200 chemical engineers and we can share our research and industrial knowledge among each other.

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