Thursday, May 15, 2008

MAS ECO-Friendly Plant

MAS holding has initiated eco friendly manufacturing facility in order to save environment in very sustainable way. This eco-plant belongs to MAS Intimates cluster and it has following features to be environmental friendly.

  • The biggest installation of solar panels to date in Sri Lanka, which will provide around 10% of the total electricity required for the plant.
  • The remaining electricity will be mini-hydro, sourced through a green power agreement
  • The use of extensive daylight to help light the premises
  • Energy efficient lighting and LED based task lights reduce the energy used for lighting
  • Low energy cooling systems to replace air conditioning in addition to other cooling measures such as green roofs (roof with vegetation on top), cool roofs (roof with high solar reflectivity), and strategically positioned courtyards with wide arrays of greenbelts to cool the micro climate
  • The use of eco bricks in construction to help maintain a cool interior

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