Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guru Upahara

Today we pay our great gratitude for our dearest lecture panel because we are about to leave our department. From 2nd of June we will finish our 4 year long journey. Iran Watapotha presented very emotional speech on behalf of every student. I could not explain my feelings when he talked about our great relationship in between lectures and students. The relationship between student and lecturers are very unique and I suggest our university community to imitate our relationship model.

We have very talented and young lecture panel; with foreign industrial and academic exposure. They delivered their maximum performance to educate and guide us to become a graduate with strong academic background. We realized their wisdom which they gradually gain in their higher studies while listing them in lecture hours. Actually it is more than enough and it is their duty as lectures. But they did not stop on that point. They work further to enhance our quality and relevance to industrial world.

We can be proud of our lecture panel. Not because of that they are from world top universities. Not because of their wealth and fleet of brand new cars. But because of their generosity, humanity and actual dedication towards us.

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