Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sustainable approach from Sri Lankan industry

The Gasifire Plant which generates thermal energy equivalent to 1000KWA which is powered by sustainable grown biomass [Gliricidia]

Samson International Ltd is a sri lankan based industry and it has switched from burning 1200 liters of fuel oil a day to 4.45 tonnes of Gliricidia waste per day for their energy generation. This conversion of fossil fuel to sustainable grown biomass [Gliricidia] which cost them LKR 12 millions gave them following advantages.

Increases their contribution towards environment [reducing 842 tons of Carbon Dioxide and 8.2 tonnes]
of Sulphur Dioxide
Save them LKR 4.45 Million per annum
Save foreign exchange of US$ 114,767 [The best I think]
Sustainable employment opportunities for 175 families

Read their Website
Read their Annual Report

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