Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Food prices rising across the world" - CNN - Why this happen?

Today CNN (web) report that there is a food price rising all over the world. Yes. In Sri Lanka we are also suffering from that. Many people think that is because of war [war in north east of Sri Lanka to save people from LTTE]. But it is not the only cause.

Petroleum prices, which increase the cost of everything from fertilizers to transport to food processing - [Solution: Do not addicted to fossil fuel, go for alternative fuels. ]

Because of Biofuels extraction from food items such as cassava, wheat starch, rice starch. [solution Try to use non-food bio resources as renewable energy sources. when you develop biobased fuels. Ex. Biogas, Solar, .... etc ]

Due bad weather and poor harvests have a bigger impact on prices. [Solution: Minimize environmental pollution and try to avoid climate crisis.]

Above reasons are global. According to my point of view in Sri Lanka we have another reasons for food price hike. In sri lankan normal economic pattern we do have many intermediate vendors in between customer and farmer. Post harvest damages on food is huge [approximately 20%] and most of food items specifically vegetables and fruits are damaged in transportation. Most of sri lankan used to buy every thing from market while they have enough space and time to maintain a home farm garden to cultivate essential vegetables and food items. I think this is one and main method to fight with increasing food prices. Another improtant thing is we must ensure food security in country and we must promote local production of essential food items. We must change the centralized food item distribution culture [Dambulla and Collombo market] and we must develop a distributed network to transfer food items in between farmers and customers.

We must take this problem serious. Every one should think to do there best. I think with this will cause more hunger deaths world wide. [Read about huger deaths]

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