Monday, March 31, 2008

Concentrating Equipments for Beverages such coffee, tea, and other solids-containing liquids

Concentrating coffee, tea, and other solids-containing liquids is one major operation in food and beverage industry. We can apply conventional technologies such as multiple effect, falling film, forced circular evaporation give multiple results depending on their heat and shear sensitiveness, foam and fouling characteristics. Artisan Rototherm mechanically aided thin film evaporator which converts dilute feed into concentrated solution without any product degradation. It has featured with short time residence time, high turbulent and good design which ensure uninterrupted service.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prof. Seamus Garvey will Store wind for power generation

Everyone knows about wind mils. Sri Lanka also have few of them. But do you know about store the wind for power generation, specially undersea. Wow Professor Garvey, from the University of Nottingham has come up with this idea and Power company E.ON has granted 300,000 euros (£236,000) towards building two prototypes.

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Need more Dian Fosseys

Read the story

Read About Dian Fossey

Rare HP product in Spring exhibition

This is less exposure HP product found of Spring exhibiton [I found it on website].

Is this a printer-related products?
Computer system?

front view

Do not be lazy, slow and be with bad attitude

999,999 USD is for a pizza

999,999 USD

Do you think internet as only a larger network of computers and servers. No there is a big business behind it and very large amount of money is flowing. What is the value of a domain name? we can buy www.yourname???.com type domain for just 10 -5 USDs. But there is unbelievable amount of value for premium domains [ex.,,, .... etc] Recenlty I have seen on that is featured for 999,999 USDs.

Soon it will take by someone, .......

Friday, March 28, 2008

A bad news for Al Gore - A giant slab off in Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf

click on it to view larger image

In the past 50 years the western Antarctic peninsula has warmed by 0.5 degrees Celsius each decade, fastest temperature rise world-wide. This is direct impact of global warming. A team of scientist at University of Colorado’s National Snow and Ice Data Center proved using satellite images that Antarctica’s massive Wilkins Ice Shelf has begun disintegrating. I think this is one of critical indicators of the biggest environmental crisis of the world.

“Wilkins is the largest ice shelf on West Antarctica yet to be threatened. This shelf is hanging by a thread,” said David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey. Now a large part of the 12,950-square-kilometre shelf is supported by a narrow 5.6-km strip of ice between two islands

The shelf was triggered February 28 when an iceberg measuring 41 by 2.4km broke off its southwestern front. The effect is nicely shown above picture.

A related video

I think this is a good alert on people working on this topic. Take this as turning point.

People who concerns about global warming (people i know, if you know about others add it on comments)

Al Gore
essor Mohan Munasinghe
Prof. Ajith de Alwis
(Prof. Ajith de Alwis is person who teach us about global warming)

A picture is worth a thousand words

photo credit David Viggers
[This is what I initially write, but I had made a mistake and this photograph is taken by Luis Vasconcelos, David Viggers is the reporter]

This is the power of blogs, readers can put comments and correct mistakes and they can help to improve the content. Read blogs, comment on them and book mark interesting one.

Rare photos of Albert Einstein

Borosilicate industrial glass equipments for chemical process plants & Pilot plants

Some critical process need pilot plant analysis before we go for a scale up. As I remember, in my first year of my engineering study, lecturers from our department teach us about importance of pilot plants. In some industries pilot plants are huge investment and they can continue it forever as mini process plant after analysis completed.

Super Scientific Works Pvt Ltd, India is leading ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of borosilicate industrial glass equipments /process plants in India. They are delivering their service to international markets and have received excellent response from countries like Malaysia, Iran, New Zealand, Singapore, Jordan, Dubai and Israel etc.They manufacture PTFE/ FEP lined pipelines & fittings along with regular glassware items.

PTFE : poly(tetrafluoroethene) or poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
FEP: Fluorinated ethylene propylene

Following products are some of they delivered to customers. [Rotary Evaporator, Coil Type Heat Exchangers, Glass Distillation Unit, Column Components packed columns, cylindrical vessels]

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Study on the potential of Biogas in Sri Lanka

The author is Prof. Ajith de Alwis and the publisher is ITDG South Asia. The author discusses a study on electricity generation potential from biogas derived from diverse source of biodegradable waste. This book contains very important topics on biogas generation such as estimation of biogas potentials and energy potentials from some selected waste streams, energy equivalent of biogas, guide on raw material selection, process stoichiometry, pathway reactions and corresponding enthalpy, district wise energy potential from livestock from waste, turning human waste into energy, biogas potentials from industrial wastes [food and beverage industry, brewery and distillery, sugar, leather industry, desiccated coconut sector, rubber industry … etc], Biogas technologies for Sri Lanka.

This comprehensive study is done under interest and support of ITDG and Energy Forum Sri Lanka. This book is published with the aim of informing regional and national policy makers and the interested public on biogas options in Sri Lanka. Copies are available from

ITDG South Asia,

No:5 Lional Edirisinghe Road,


Colombo 5,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free Clean Energy Project Analysis Softwares

Any kind of engineering project analysis software will not be suitable for analysis project on renewable energy implementations. Dedicated and specific software tool will enhance the productivity of the financial evaluation of the renewable energy projects.

RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software collection provide a better platform to renewable project engineers to be smart.

It is Micro Soft Excel based software. provide wide range of project analysis software. There are software to evaluate

Wind Energy Project Analysis

Small Hydro Project Analysis

Photovoltaic Project Analysis

Combined Heat & Power Project Analysis

Biomass Heating Project Analysis

Solar Air Heating Project Analysis

Solar Water Heating Project Analysis

Ground-Source Heat Pump Project Analysis

Separately. That is the advantage of this software collection. The RETscreen provide comprehensive ebooks on each topic which are being listed above. Those are very good sources to read by engineers and students.

Tata Motors to take over Jaguar and Landrover



Tata motors is to buy Jaguar and Landrover from Ford for USD 2 billion [200 billion LKRs]. This news make me happy, because my dream car is making by Tata. It is Tata Nano, world cheapest car.

Sustainable approach from Sri Lankan industry

The Gasifire Plant which generates thermal energy equivalent to 1000KWA which is powered by sustainable grown biomass [Gliricidia]

Samson International Ltd is a sri lankan based industry and it has switched from burning 1200 liters of fuel oil a day to 4.45 tonnes of Gliricidia waste per day for their energy generation. This conversion of fossil fuel to sustainable grown biomass [Gliricidia] which cost them LKR 12 millions gave them following advantages.

Increases their contribution towards environment [reducing 842 tons of Carbon Dioxide and 8.2 tonnes]
of Sulphur Dioxide
Save them LKR 4.45 Million per annum
Save foreign exchange of US$ 114,767 [The best I think]
Sustainable employment opportunities for 175 families

Read their Website
Read their Annual Report

Equipment of biodiesel production

All of following equipments are from Pacific Centrifuge, LLC which is based in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Biodiesel/Glycerin separation Plants

Pacific Centrifuge - 5


This will satisfy the needs of a 416,000 gpy (1.57 million lpy) biodiesel production plant based on 8 hours per day for 5 business day weeks.If your plant run continuously for 24 hours / 7 days a week, it will process over 2.18 million gallons per year (8.2 million liters per year)

Flow rates :5 gallons per minute (18.9 liters per minute)

Power requirements: 2 Hp motor needs 208-240VAC Single Phase (50/60 Hertz) 20 Amp circuit, 7.5 Amps continuous

Start up and shout down :Operational within 60 seconds of startup; shuts down in 30 sec.

Prices : Base price is $22,750 USD + shipping and app. taxes

You can additionally buy options as your requirements

  • Explosion Proof Class 1 Division 2 parts and air purged enclosures (for North America) for $3,250 USD
  • ATEX zone 2 group IIB rating (for Europe)for $3,500 USD
  • Push Button Cleaning Cycle system for $4,800 USD
  • Push Button Automatic operation for $3,500 USD

Methanol Recovery for Biodiesel AND Glycerol

This plant is for continuous methanol recovery for reuse after a biodiesel reaction.


Flow Rate: 10 gpm (37.8 lpm)

Power requirements: 208-240VAC Single Phase (50/60 Hertz) 50 Amp circuit, 30 Amps continuous

Price: Base Price $84,000 USD + shipping

You can additionally buy options as your requirements

Sump tank(s) for biodiesel or glycerol pumping after separation for $2,500 USD each tank

Additional flow switch for multiple holding or reactor tanks for $1,200 USD each additional flow switch.

Have a good read on their website

RHE America LLC, an engineering firm for synthetic resin and polymer emulsion manufacturing plants.

Today I visited RHE America LLC's web site . RHE America LLC is joint venture of RHE HAENDEL ENGINEERING GmbH & Co. KG. and AMCEC, Inc.

They are specializing in the

* design,
* engineering,
* supply
* installation of process equipment

of synthetic resin and polymer emulsion manufacturing plants. They cover up all services in resin and polymer emulsion industry including Feasibility studies, Process control system software upgrades, Existing facility improvements and Turnkey plants [Turnkey plants means ready to operate]. They deliver their service in Europe, Asia and South America.

Detail of some of their products

Polyester Resin Manufacturing Plant

Polyurethane resin manufacturing reactor

Alkyd Resin Plant

Other Services and product includes auxiliary equipment specifically designed for use in synthetic resin and polymer emulsion manufacturing plants such as tank farms for storage of raw materials, systems for charging raw materials, utility equipments and pollution control systems.

visit their website of more info:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

India's growing gender imbalance

India is one of south Asian country which had gender issues. With development of technology and education many people hope a better community through those advancements. But developing medical technology makes India's Gender inequality more.

In ancient India girls were face troubles after their birth. But now with advancement on medical technologies they are endangered even as a female foetuses. Because a simple Scan will tell the parent about sex of their foetuses. Indian people do not like girls to be as there children because of financial burden, largely because of the dowries that have to be paid.

Source: Al Jazeera

"India is facing a growing gender imbalance -blamed on the widespread abortion of female foetuses. In some states, fewer than eight hundred girls are born for every thousand boys. Girls are seen as a financial burden, largely because of the dowries that have to be paid when they get married. Now the Indian government will start paying parents to help them bring up female babies." - Al Jazeera's Matt McClure reports

China people have Full access to BBC now

China people have two great walls.

Great Wall


But the internet firewall is now being loosen slightly. Now China people have partial access to BBC news website. Now China people access some parts on BBC. The firewall remains in place for Chinese language services on the website and for any links in Chinese.

I agree on firewall which block porno and other violence stuff. But I do not think it is suitable to block news sources such as BBC, although they are biased to one party.

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'white space' wi-fi

Google is pressing US policymakers to allow to use unlicensed frequencies of TV which is called white space as wi-fi network. Great if this happen in Sri Lanka dialog or mobitel will able to provide a handsome wi-fi service across the nation. Every home will be covered by wi-fi network.

We will hope success for google's effort. Once it become reality in America we will soon gain it in Sri Lanka also.

Read BBC on this topic

"Food prices rising across the world" - CNN - Why this happen?

Today CNN (web) report that there is a food price rising all over the world. Yes. In Sri Lanka we are also suffering from that. Many people think that is because of war [war in north east of Sri Lanka to save people from LTTE]. But it is not the only cause.

Petroleum prices, which increase the cost of everything from fertilizers to transport to food processing - [Solution: Do not addicted to fossil fuel, go for alternative fuels. ]

Because of Biofuels extraction from food items such as cassava, wheat starch, rice starch. [solution Try to use non-food bio resources as renewable energy sources. when you develop biobased fuels. Ex. Biogas, Solar, .... etc ]

Due bad weather and poor harvests have a bigger impact on prices. [Solution: Minimize environmental pollution and try to avoid climate crisis.]

Above reasons are global. According to my point of view in Sri Lanka we have another reasons for food price hike. In sri lankan normal economic pattern we do have many intermediate vendors in between customer and farmer. Post harvest damages on food is huge [approximately 20%] and most of food items specifically vegetables and fruits are damaged in transportation. Most of sri lankan used to buy every thing from market while they have enough space and time to maintain a home farm garden to cultivate essential vegetables and food items. I think this is one and main method to fight with increasing food prices. Another improtant thing is we must ensure food security in country and we must promote local production of essential food items. We must change the centralized food item distribution culture [Dambulla and Collombo market] and we must develop a distributed network to transfer food items in between farmers and customers.

We must take this problem serious. Every one should think to do there best. I think with this will cause more hunger deaths world wide. [Read about huger deaths]

Some blogs on same topic
A blogger from Bangladesh

Fan Handbook - Selection, Application, and Design - By Frank P. Bleier

Review About the book-

This book is cover
  • design,
  • selection,
  • maintenance,
  • repair of fans

in following industries
including airfoils
centrifugal fans
mixed-flow fans
roof ventilators
cross-flow blowers,
regenerative blowers

Review About the author- Frank P. Bleier is a graduate of in applied physics and he started is carrier in Fan Manufacturers as draftsman and developed his carrier in Fan manufacturing up to director of research. Over the his carrier he has designed more that 800 fans and tested. Now he is a consulting engineer and he has done work for more than 130 manufacturers in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

You can read limmited pages online before buy
You can buy it

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook by Robert H. Perry ,Donald W. Green and E. Ackers

Now we can buy 8th edition of Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook by Robert H. Perry. It includes new topics Conversion Factors and Mathematical Symbols ,Physical and Chemical Data, Mathematics ,Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid and Particle Dynamics Reaction Kinetics, Process Control, Process Economics, Transport and Storage of Fluids, Heat Transfer Equipment, Psychrometry, Evaporative Cooling, and Solids Drying, Distillation, Gas Absorption and Gas-Liquid System Design, Liquid-Liquid Extraction Operations and Equipment, Adsorption and Ion Exchange, Gas-Solid Operations and Equipment, Liquid-Solid Operations and Equipment, Solid-Solid Operations and Equipment, Size Reduction and Size Enlargement, Handling of Bulk Solids and Packaging of Solids and Liquids,Alternative Separation Processes

With sales over 139,000 copies it serve wide range of professionals as a information source. In my university we have a copy of this wonderful resource book.

It is also come as a CD-ROM version. The price is £421.99.

For buy book
For Buy CD

Do you have doubts on biofuels future!

We have addicted to fossil fuel and some engineers do not think bio fuel as an option to present fuel crisis. In our department Katha Baha programme (discussions) we usually discuss on alternative fuel such as biogas. At that kind of discussion some of students ask about financial feasibility. But I found very interesting web site on biooil which belongs to Dynamotive Energy Systems. Have a good read on it and identify the present day stability and future opportunities of biofuels.

Read the web site

Industrial Research Project

As final year student after final semester exams, we have to involve in an industrial research project. Fifty students have assigned on 50 research projects. I have assigned on making a paint using natural ingredients. My project coordinator is Dr. Jagath Premachandra. I did my initial studies on ancient paint making method by making discussion with some teachers and I found some books and photocopies on ancient paint recipes.

Download Introduction Presentation

Monday, March 24, 2008

Some important points in CP implementation on Energy application. Can You suggest more?

• Installing sensors to turn off or power down lights and machineries when they are not in use
• Proper insulation on heating and cooling systems and pipe networks.
• Using more energy-efficient equipment
• Continuous maintenance aiming optimize energy usage in equipments
• Ensuring optimal combustion in hot water boilers and steam boilers
• Eliminate steam and condensate leakages and discharges. (Do not waste condensate, it contain more heat comparatively to make up water of the boiler)
• Using low-grade energy for use elsewhere in operation, such as using furnace emissions to heat up make up water stream.

Are there more options? Can you suggest with your experiences?

A good source for Enegry engineers

Read this website

Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers: A Manual of Quick, Accurate Solutions to Everyday Process Engineering Problems

By Carl R. Branan

Read it online before you buy

Imperial Sugar Company Explosion and Fire

On February 7, 2008, a massive explosion and fire at the Imperial Sugar plant, located northwest of Savannah, caused 13 deaths and left others critically injured with severe burns. The explosion was likely fueled by combustible sugar dust.

What went wrong? Safty engineers, employees, experts .... please add your comments here.

Importance of professional forums

Joining with professional forums make you to access wide range of knowledge stuff. You can find more stuff than simply searching over it on your favorite search engine. As example think that you want to find simulation example files of Refinery Operations on the Web. Searching on search engine will fed up you. But after joining with a chemical engineering professional forums you will be able to post about your question and get simulation files which is done by other chemical engineers.

ChE forums is one recommence, try it

Tutorial for Hysys 3.1

You can download a comprehensive tutorial for Hysys 3.1. It will very helpful to study Hysis, which is a good chemical engineering simulation software. Following list show other softwares which used to simulate the material and energy balances of chemical processing plants.

* APMonitor Modeling Language
* Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Custom Modeler by Aspen Technology
* ASSETT and D-SPICE by Kongsberg Maritime
* COCO simulator
* Design II by Winsim
* EcosimPro

* Environment for Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation (EMSO)
* Dymola
* gPROMS by PSE Ltd
* OLGA by SPT Group (Scandpower)
* Omega by Yokogawa
* OpenModelica
* Petro-SIM
* ProMax, TSWEET, and PROSIM by Bryan Research and Engineering
* SimSci-Esscor DYNSIM & PRO/II by Invensys
* SysCAD
* UniSim Design & Shadow Plant by Honeywell
* VMGSim
* SuperPro

you can download a comprehensive tutorial by joining with chemical engineers' network [free membership]
free download, torrents, .pdf

Biofuels Refining and Performance - Ahindra Nag

Ahindra Nag, Ph.D. is with the Department of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology has written this book. This book discuss the refining processes and issues involved in producing fuel derived from recently living organisms or their by-products.

Table of content

Chapter 1. Energy and Its Biological Resources
Chapter 2. Photosynthetic Plants as Renewable Energy Sources
Chapter 3. Bioethanol: Market and Production Processes
Chapter 4. Raw Materials to Produce Low-Cost Biodiesel
Chapter 5. Fuel and Physical Properties of Biodiesel Components
Chapter 6. Processing of Vegetable Oils as Biodiesel and Engine Performance
Chapter 7. Ethanol and Methanol as Fuels in Internal Combustion Engines
Chapter 8. Cracking of Lipids for Fuels and Chemicals
Chapter 9. Fuel Cells

Biofuels Engineering Process Technology

Because of rising fuel prices worldwide demand for biofuels made from plant and animal feedstock is increasing. This 448 pages book is a good source on illustrations, Biofuels Engineering Process Technology fully explains the concepts, systems, and technology now being used to produce biofuels on both an industrial and small scale.

Table of contents

Part I. Introduction
Part II. Fuels from fermentations
Section 1: Ethanol
Section 2. Hydrogen
Section 3. Microbial oils
Section 4. Methane
Part III. Fuel from chemical conversion of plant oil
Section 5. Biodiesel
Part IV. Bioelectricity
Part V. Technical Resources

A team of leading biofuels experts are the writers of this book.

Caye M. Drapcho, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at Clemson University. She has over 13 years of experience in bioprocess and bioreactor design.

Nhuan Phú Nghiêm, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Biochemical Engineer in the Crop Conversion Science and Engineering Research Unit at the Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Clemson University. He has more than 20 years of experience in bioprocess engineering in industrial and federal research laboratories.

Terry Walker, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biosystems Engineering at Clemson University. He has over 10 years of experience in bioprocess engineering, specializing in fungal fermentation, bioproduct separations, and bioavailability studies.

.pdf, free download, torrents

How to calculate the costing of a cooling tower

Costing calculation of a cooling tower include analyzing of following features.

  • Building of the tower,
  • Constructing materials,
  • Packing materials the fills within the tower,
  • Pumps
  • Pings

Following cost also must included
  • Pump power costing,
  • Fan power costing for a mechanical draft cooling tower,
  • Estimate for the maintenance cost;
  • Treatment of the water to prevent corrosion, biological growth
Following book also help you to increase your ability to understand the concepts of engineering cost calculations

Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, fifth edition

Review of book

There are new chapters on process synthesis, computer-aided design, and design of chemical reactors. A traditionally strong feature of the text, economic analysis, strength, equipment sizing and cost estimation ... etc.

Table of content

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    General Design Considerations
    Process Design Development
    Flowsheet Synthesis and Development
    Software Use in Process Design
    Analysis of Cost Estimation
    Interest, Time Value of Money, Taxes, and Fixed Charges
    Profitability, Alternative Investments, and Replacements
    Optimum Design and Design Strategy
    Materials and Fabrication Selection
    Written and Oral Reports
    Materials-Handling Equipment - Design and Costs
    Reactor Equipment - Design and Costs
    Heat-Transfer Equipment - Design and Costs
    Separation Equipment - Design and Costs
    Appendix A The International System (SI) of Units
    Appendix B Auxiliary, Utility, and Instrumentation Cost Data
    Appendix C Design Problems
    Appendix D Tables of Physical Properties and Constants
    Appendix E Heuristics for Process Equipment Design
    Appendix F Software Useful for Design
free download, torrents, .pdf

Free chemical and process engineering magazines

picture of
I recently found a good source which allow us to freely subscribe for magazines. It is provide wide variety of magazine subscription facilities including chemical and process engineering magazines. But the main problem is most of magazine's hard copies are not send to Sri Lanka, my country. Only few magazines are send to Sri Lanka. But if you are from USA or CANADA you have many options.

A new blogosphere of Sri Lanka

The family of Sri Lankan blogosphere got a new member It is in developing state and now syndicate 48 blogs. I add my blog also. But still my blog is not added with them. I hope they will soon add my blog with their directory. According to reviews is among top 100 list of sri lanka. [see the top 100 website of Sri Lanka] It has listed in 9th place today, but it fluctuates.

This feature prove that there are many bloggers in Sri Lanka. So Sri Lankan blog agitator is a vital to make them collective. and Achcharu are doing good service.

I received Shell Report

I was very interested on Shell Sustainability Report and so I send email to them requesting their latest Shell Sustainability Report 2006. They were kind enough to send me a report to my home. Thanks shell. I will read it and comment about it soon.

Info about report

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, passed away

Our former Chancellor, inventor of satellite, visionary in technology passed away in Sri Lanka at the age of 90. We, Moratuwa university student are very proud to have such great person as chancellor. He initiate the concept of satellite communication.

He was a honorary citizen in Sri Lanka and he did lot of contribution to Sri Lankan technological advancement.

You can read about him on wikipeida