Monday, January 7, 2008

'Green funerals' , biodegradable coffins

Our natural body which we gain from nature is total environmental friendly but we add cloths, shoes, electronic gadgets, polymeric materials and many more into our life. All of additional things in our life which we continuously added with our life (in civilization progress) have many environmental impacts. Environmental impacts associated with our life style must be eliminated soon before our nature get more worst place.

So Green efforts are taken in many aspects of human activities. "Green funerals" effort make biodegradable coffins to eliminate the environmental risk of decaying process of normal coffins.

The Natural Burial Company manufacture co-friendly burial products including the Ecopod, a kayak-shaped coffin made out of recycled newspapers. This is a product with "Natural" burials trend which require no formaldehyde embalming, cement vaults, chemical lawn treatments or laminated caskets.

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Natural Burial Around the World

The modern concept of natural burial began in the UK in 1993 and has since spread across the globe. According the Centre for Natural Burial, there are now several hundred natural burial grounds in the United Kingdom and half a dozen sites across the USA, with others planned in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and even China.

A natural burial allows you to use your funeral as a conservation tool to create, restore and protect urban green spaces.

The Centre for Natural Burial provides comprehensive resources supporting the development of natural burial and detailed information about natural burial sites around the world. With the Natural Burial Co-operative newsletter you can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the rapidly growing trend of natural burial including, announcements of new and proposed natural burial sites, book reviews, interviews, stories and feature articles.

The Centre for Natural Burial