Monday, January 7, 2008

Another "Hotel Rwanda"

Many years ago there was genocide in rwanda and "Hotel Rwanda" is one of grate film which is related to that tragic incident. Kenyan post-political election violence which grown to massive civil unrest is damaging every part of economy now.

Kenya's tourism industry, which brings in some $900 million a year and attracts more than 1 million visitors a year will be greatly effected with this tragedy. Many tourist were there to see white beaches and a safari with a chance to view elephants - or perhaps giraffes.

"I have been spending all the time in my hotel room and could not go out on safari or do anything after getting word from my travel agent that all was not safe outside," said Blouza, a German tourist in Mombasa on the Kenyan coast. You can imagine the situation of trapped tourist in that country.

Shops and other commercial activities are closed due to violence. The death toll have been risen upto 486. I think peace keeping army should be sent to there in order to stop more violence . Otherwise another genocide will be there in world.

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