Saturday, January 5, 2008

“1” , “0” or both at same time

With electronic computational world which work thro’ passing electron via conductors allow a bit to be “1” or “0” at one time. But quantum computational approach allow a bit (qubit) to be “1”, “0” or both at same time (the superposition).
“It is a new paradigm for computation, It's doing computation differently” and “It is like massively parallel processing but in one piece of hardware” said Professor Artur Ekert of the University of Oxford.
In electronic computation the smallest unit the bit was made by electron flow passing thro’ semi-conductors. But in quantum computation the smallest unit qubit is being made by caged atoms. The qubit will have three probabilities which are “1”, “0” or both at same time. This allows a quantum computer to work through many problems and arrive at their solutions simultaneously.
This mechanism is still a theoretical one, but limitations of electronic computer system will force this technology to come into real world. In February 2007 the D-wave a Canadian company came with a computer with quantum computation technology, but the problem solved by that machine could have been solved by conventional computers.
This will confirm by Professor Artur Ekert’s statement. “It was not quite what we understand as quantum computing, the demonstrations they showed could have been solved by conventional computers.”
You can imagine the speed of quantum computer with this statement.
"With quantum computing you are able to attack some problems

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