Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Sri Lanka Young Blogger wins .....

Seventeen year old Tharanga Sampath is the proud owner of a brand new laptop for being the best blogger at Horizon Lanka Academy in Mahavilachchiya village in north-central Sri Lanka.

The laptop was donated by Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold from Switzerland in coordination with the Lak Saviya Foundation after contacting the Horizon Lanka Foundation in April, Horizon said. Leuthod has already promised to send two more laptops for the next two best students.

What began as an after school club providing children further education in English and computers, Horizon Lanka has branched out, providing an all round education to the village children.

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Sydney Kolla said...

This is the best story i heard for the day. Way to go Horizon Lanka.

David Bradley said...

What happened to his old desktop PC once he got the laptop?


chemical Procject said...

Thanks for comments.

Thushara Subasinghe

Shanil Samarakoon said...

Yeah i'm curious as to what happened to the other old comp too! I sincerely hope it went to someone else who could use it!

Great story though...really is uplifting to see let alone hear about it ....