Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Renewable energy with plug and play technology

Renewable energy resources in most of case claim a pre energy source. Renewable energy sources such as biogas, solar power (photo voltaic), wind power … etc are come as an alternative energy sources for remote area or poor communities. I think with the rapid increases of fossil oil prices and thermal electricity, renewable energy should be introduced as another energy sources but not as pre-energy sources which is supplied until electricity or fossil energy sources reach the community.

To popularized and stabilized the renewable energy sources among communities these technologies must developed in a manner which is smart and easy to install and maintain. Simply with plug and play manner. People will find more comfortable when they deal with a biogas plant which is made out of plastic. The plastic shell will definitely have no leakages and easy to handle. The aesthetical beauty will increase with such a system in household level or in a farm.

Energy engineers who deal with this kind of new areas of intermediate technologies must have awareness of people’s attitudes. We must think of people comfort when we develop technologies. While most people having fun with switching to electricity from national grid we will scarifies to struggle with renewable sources. So we must research on renewable energy with having a sense on plug and play technology.

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shehal said...

power generation from renewable sources, namely wind, solar PV and biomass, is still higher than thermal power... coal is the cheapest - there is no debate about that...

and solar PV is still the most expensive renewable power generator because the cost of PVs are still high (above $3/W) and also the low plant factor... because you get only a few hours of (effective) sunlight to generate power... and you have factor in the cost of batteries!!

there are a few installations of biomass based generators... using biomass gasifiers and modified NG engines... enerfab did a few... check with the bio energy association... they have more details about these rural electrification units...