Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Methanol Production Plant in Sri Lanka

One of my blog readers had asked me about availability of methanol production plant in Sri Lanka before few months ago. I had semester exam and my project works so I forget to write about it. There is no Methanol production facility in Sri Lanka. But in our department there is ongoing project to design a process which can be used to manufacture methanol from saw dust. Saw dust is widely available waste in Sri Lanka and it is a huge environment issue. This project will add a value to saw dust and also solve major environment issue by using this solid waste for a production process.
This project is a final year comprehensive design project. Thesedays initial step of the design are being carried out.


shehal said...

yeah that was me
and it was about producing methanol from SynGas or producer gas... methanol is produced by gasification of natural gas or lpg to produce SynGas and then SynGas is sent through a high pressure catalytic reactor... and i thought you might know something about it because my prev work place installs biomass gasifiers...

i wasnt asking about producing methanol from cellulose or sugar cane

the us dept of energy is investing heavily on corn based ethanol and also cellulose digesters to produce ethanol...

chemical Procject said...

Thank for comments