Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Environmental aspects of manufacturing plants

This level 4 semester 2 subject was started today and it is conducted by one of best industrial engineer of Sri Lanka, Dr. (Eng) Dhammika Welhenge. At the start I thought this will be a boring subject which we are already familiar. But when the discussion process gone in to the deepest area I realised the importance of the subject. The present environmental aspects what we are dealing with are only small part of the real aspects of environment which are caused by industries. He focused us on some environmental aspects which we never thought about.

Normally we are dead against with plants which are emitting fumes and effluents. But if we do not do a proper environmental impact analysis (EIA), a water bottling plant which uses ground water can be harmful. But we do not see any harm from this kind of cool and calm factories. Actually environmental aspects of industrial activities are similar as ice burg. The effects which are shown and known are very small. The rest will slowly destroy our blue planet for ever.

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shehal said...

we all know what the problems are... we are in need of solutions... what happened at the discussion?