Friday, August 31, 2007

my blog is hosting on a new blog domain

My web log which is hosted on is shifted to

I buy this domain from google checkouts. They work as intermediate between Godaddy and give free email, starter page, calander etc. The blog hoster is blogger it self but I have my own domain name. Now my blog is free from usual blogspot blog domains such as The blogspot which is powered by google is good blog web hosting which provide good environment to change your default blogger domain into your own blog domains. Blog domain name is very important to give good impression on your web blog visitors.

With blogger you can check available web site domains and find a cheap domains to your web blogs. If your desired web domain is not reserved by any others you can by them at very low cost like 8-10$. But if your desired web blog domains are registered domains such as, you can not buy them at low cost. Then you have to go for domain reselling agent to buy them.

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