Friday, August 10, 2007

Biogas technology

Sri Lanka is one of country which has greater potential to implement biogas generation plants for electricity generation or as a fuel. But in Sri Lanka still this technology is using in very law level with under developed civil works which lead to leaks of gases which turn the whole biogas project to nonsuccessive. But actually biogas generation is a process where microbiology plays a major role & where process engineers must scale up the its unit operation to a sustainable level. But we are still working with technology with very low level technologies. We must develop smart biogas units for house holds (with plastic containers instead of low level cement tanks) & mass scale biogas projects for industries & government. This vedios show a biogas plants which is in very large scale.

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sydny said...

with the rising fuel price, Sri Lanka should pay more attention to alternative energy like biogas.the theory is simple;practical application should start at the house hold level;students can do it as a project and can introduce it to on