Friday, August 10, 2007

Ignited Minds

"Ignited Minds" the book written by Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was lend me to read. When I was reading its preface I realized how this great Indian loves his country. He had & also still have his great dream on development of India. He is the father of space & nuclear science of India. With his dream & dedication now India is stepping towards their goals which is to be satisfied in 2020.

Sri Lanka is also a country with a greater potential to be developed but with stagnant attitudes of people of our nation we are letting to leash the power. People all over the world dream about future. But it is limited to them selfs & their families. Very few of people think about country & its future.

Lee Kuan Yew had a dream about a developed country , Abdul Kalam had a dream to win the space & nuclear power to their nation. Because of handful of peoples dreams whole nations have change their positions in globe.

Books like "Ignited Mind" should be read by university students. Because at least they must do some thing to save our country from the perfect picture of stagnancy. Some people will not agree with me. They would undermined my words showing state of art consuming materials which are imported from abroad. Please think how we import these things & what are we exporting instead of things & services we are importing. I will write down one thing. We sell labors to middle east countries most of them are women & for very low level of carriers like housemaid. I have heard & read that most of them are not only using as housemaid but for other misuses. Why we sell our mothers & sisters to entertain our self ?

We must start to dream about our country. Let our grand children to go for museums to see what is poverty, under development, corruptions ... etc. Do not dream only about a beautiful wife, palatial house & a luxurious SUV. Dream about a child who is going nearest museum to see a picture of poor family who have no electricity, connectivity to communication network, proper shelter ...............

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