Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't Waste food & Water

This is one part of our world. Do not let food and water to be wasted. As chemical & process engineering people we can do lot of thing in food engineering and wastewater engineering point of view to reduce this tragic scenario from this world. Can you believe your eyes? These are human beings living in this world.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Female Engineers

Our department is planning to make promotion video on "female in industry" to encourage females to join with process industry & employers to make sense on female engineers ability on functions. I found a video clip on youtube which was produced by Cisco to encourage young women into technical or engineering careers. This will be an example for our team who works on that project.

Oil Tankers

After oil is taken out from rig it must be transported to oil refineries. Tankers are the most cost effective transportation method. Tankers are normally build very largely. The largest ship "Knock Nevis". She is 458 metres (1504 feet) in length and 69 m (226 ft) in width and can carry nearly 4.1 million of petroleum.

The following video clip show you its reconstruction after accident. You can imagine the size of it by comparing with other objects .

This is a picture on "Knock Nevis"

This is the biggest of crude oil tankers in this world.

The life on an offshore Oil Rig

This video clip is nicely explain the life of an offshore Oil Rig. It shows the how tough they follow occupational health & safety codes, how they analytically operate the rig with computational power & chemical analysis. We can see how they spend their leisure time with other members.

Actually this is the way of every hard working place must be arranged. Because people are not slaves to scarify every thing of their life behalf the occupation. They also need leisure, safety, nice working environment ...etc to perform their best at the working place.

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University students & people

Ordinary people talk about university raging, protest, fighting, behavior of university couples ... Some people try to run university communities down by highlighting these misbehaving. Media is always ready for publish about university raging or other abuses which is done by very narrow community in university. Today I saw on newspaper has published a comment on raging in their editorial.

I agree there are some lunatic students in our community who behave very aggressively. But people want to know one thing. There are good students also among that ruddy people. In our department (Chemical & Process, in University of Moratuwa) newcomers are welcome at the first day with a meeting. In that meeting we ask them about "why they select our department?", "what will your minor fields?" and we give them chance to perform their talents in singing or in dancing. That is only. We give our past notes, course works (not to copy but to study the pattern), photocopied books them to follow in their exams.

We recently organized a fund raising musical program "Prabhashwari" to offer scholarship for our department students. I think this is the first ever program which is organized by students behalf of students. But this kind of effort are not published in some of media. (Ruphavahini published this event ). People do not talk about this kind of efforts.

Why people talks about dark side. University is a representative organization for whole sri lankan community. People come from different backgrounds. We can not limit our community for enlightened people. Pleses talk about good things that we are doing sacrificing lot of our time.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A large sacle WTE project in Sri Lanka

A large scale WTE (Waste to Energy) project will be completed in end of the next year. In this proposed plant a plasma incinerator will be used to burn solid waste. The plasma generator which consume 2.5 - 3 MW electricity is producing a environment of temperature about 10000 0F and in this environment what ever the waste is completely destroyed and broken down into its basic elemental components. The energy recovery techniques will able to generate 4o MW from this plant & it will destroy the waste and generate electricity to national grid.

Colombo Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd is involving with this project & Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) will buy the electricity from this plant for a period of 20 years.

This technology is using in world for specific solid waste like hazardous metals in automobile industry, infectious medical waste in health sector ...etc. But this can be the first time in world which uses for municipal waste.

Inside of a plant (in Switzerland)

A diagram which show the inside of arc generator

slug left after the process

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Can we accept this?

"A solid waste consultant back from Sri Lanka tells me what he saw when the trucks reach the dumps of Colombo, the capital. The people rush forward first. Then the cows a head of the pigs and the goats because of they are bigger. Last the crows. A miserable way of life? Undoubtedly ......" * extracted from National Geographic

This was a quote which is told by a consultant who gone back from Sri Lanka. This is a completely narrow minded saying about a country. I do not have words to explain my feeling about this quote. But I will write a similar situation which was happen in india.

In many decades ago a British expert had been criticised that "The sewer water of London is bacteriologically superior to the milk of Bombay" **. What was the reaction of them to this pig headed quote. Dr. Verghese Kurien took this as a challenge and drew the country to be one of front-ranker in milk production.

The above quote about our nation is must taken serious. We want to establish proper vision & mission on our nation. We must start our individual role in developing this country. Even a little man has a great responsibility. These statements must be taken as challenges.

Please let this message to spread

Naional Geo

April 1983, pp 426-447 by White
** . Abdul Kalam's Ignited Minds

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today I submit my applications for IESL memebership

Today my one of friends & I submitted application for Student membership. It is very proud to be an IESL member. Our industrial training division is doing great help to register us as student members. Our department planning a workshop on "becoming member of IESL" in our Kathabaha workshop.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

DOW & GM working together on Hydrogen-Powered Electricity

DOW & GM join hands to develop fuel cell technology for better future. This will be an advantage to both companies as well as motorists. Fossil fuels is not a good option to trust as a economical energy source. Because it is non renewable & becoming rare source day by day.Because of scarcity & political reasons its prices are ever raising. Fuel cell also a good alternative for vehicles as a energy source.

This video shows you better view on fuel cell application in modern vehicle

Windrow Composting with machines

Composting can be found in small scale level to large scale level. In some environment friendly families in Sri Lanka run their own very small scale composting projects using compost bin or windrow composting method. We can find a large scale composting project in Pellawatta sugar industries. They have a windrow turner for operation.

These are some equipment can be used in large scale composting projects

windrow turner

windrow turner accessories

How windrow turner turn compost row

water bowser

This video shows you a screening machine used to separating

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Biogas technology

Sri Lanka is one of country which has greater potential to implement biogas generation plants for electricity generation or as a fuel. But in Sri Lanka still this technology is using in very law level with under developed civil works which lead to leaks of gases which turn the whole biogas project to nonsuccessive. But actually biogas generation is a process where microbiology plays a major role & where process engineers must scale up the its unit operation to a sustainable level. But we are still working with technology with very low level technologies. We must develop smart biogas units for house holds (with plastic containers instead of low level cement tanks) & mass scale biogas projects for industries & government. This vedios show a biogas plants which is in very large scale.

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Ignited Minds

"Ignited Minds" the book written by Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was lend me to read. When I was reading its preface I realized how this great Indian loves his country. He had & also still have his great dream on development of India. He is the father of space & nuclear science of India. With his dream & dedication now India is stepping towards their goals which is to be satisfied in 2020.

Sri Lanka is also a country with a greater potential to be developed but with stagnant attitudes of people of our nation we are letting to leash the power. People all over the world dream about future. But it is limited to them selfs & their families. Very few of people think about country & its future.

Lee Kuan Yew had a dream about a developed country , Abdul Kalam had a dream to win the space & nuclear power to their nation. Because of handful of peoples dreams whole nations have change their positions in globe.

Books like "Ignited Mind" should be read by university students. Because at least they must do some thing to save our country from the perfect picture of stagnancy. Some people will not agree with me. They would undermined my words showing state of art consuming materials which are imported from abroad. Please think how we import these things & what are we exporting instead of things & services we are importing. I will write down one thing. We sell labors to middle east countries most of them are women & for very low level of carriers like housemaid. I have heard & read that most of them are not only using as housemaid but for other misuses. Why we sell our mothers & sisters to entertain our self ?

We must start to dream about our country. Let our grand children to go for museums to see what is poverty, under development, corruptions ... etc. Do not dream only about a beautiful wife, palatial house & a luxurious SUV. Dream about a child who is going nearest museum to see a picture of poor family who have no electricity, connectivity to communication network, proper shelter ...............

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Prabhashvari was a successful event

The classical musical program organized by ChESS (Chemical Engineering Students' Society) was presented in Tower Hall in last Sunday evening. It was total success. Every one participated that occasion were spell bound because of its organized nature & beauty of the occasion. Our student scarifies lot of their time to make this even a reality. This program was lively recored by National Television ("Rupavahini"). So every Sri Lankan will able to watch on television.

Process Simulation

Yesterday our senior lecture Dr. P. G. Rathnasiri started process modeling subject as sub topic of reactor design. This was very interested topic to me & most of our friends. Because we are very keen on computer aided designing & process modeling.
A mathematical modeling of a process is very much essential in prior to design the even pilot plant. We can identify the main requirements & its feasibility as a industrial application using a model. Joining process engineering knowledge, mathematics & computer programming skills let a engineers to make very complex models for upcoming processes or to optimize existing processes.
We can use excel, matlab, aquasim, ... etc to model process. Dr. Rathnasiri explain the steps of simple modeling in lecture room using aquasim modeling software.

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My Blog has been nominated for Best Educational Blog

One of my blog reader Zaki has nominated my blog to bloggers' competition. My blog is categorized into "Educational Blog". This competition is being conducted these days. It is very competitive. I am delighted when I saw my blog in that competition.