Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Developing University – School Interaction

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Student society of Chemical Engineers Society Sri Lanka, ChESS organized a workshop for Advanced Level student of Embilipitiya area. This is organized in order to increase the interaction in between school & university community. We covered up industrial chemistry part of the Advanced Level syllabus. We present some of industrial chemistry practical using recorded video clips. All video clips were made up in university with our equipment & student. We did a presentation with a little video clip on bio gas generation additionally.

This program was totally funded by IRQUE project. So we were able to perform that workshop in ultimate condition with out warring about money. We gave them high quality education material. We additionally distribute some books on Bio Gas Generation which were given by Prof. Ajith de Alwis. Finally we gave them a MCQ paper with 15 questions related to areas which were covered up in work shop. Three Students with highest marks were gifted with special prizes.

This program was a success because of our unity, commitment of our lectures & our department staff. Every one in our department did their best towards this program. We scarify lot of our academic works to do this program. But finally we realize the value of our program by reading feed back forms.

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