Thursday, June 7, 2007

CHESS learders were apointed.....

Today CHESS (Chemical Engineering Students Society) president, Secretary, editorial commitee ... etc were appointed. I am a final year student. I worked very hard for CHESS functions such as Prabashwaree, Bio gas project ... etc by sacrificing time while most of my friends are doing their own academic works. I got very low academic results because of sacrificing more time to projects like Prabashwaree, Bio gas project ... etc. I fall ill becasue working in old farm land to collect paddy husk. I lost my time to work hard for exams because of these things. But my friends, today neglect me and appoint their own friends to every positions.

This is usual behavoir of people in Sri lanka. When they give chances to people they selelct their friends and relatives not the best one. I can not claim me as the best. But I sacrify my best for CHESS progress.

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