Thursday, June 28, 2007

Turning point of my life

Today our “Katha Baha” program was conducted by a group which is included me also. I had to invite & thank our guest lecture Mr. Amila Wijewardhana. I could manage the salutation well. This can be considered as a turning point of my life. Because in my all university life; I was a follower, but not a leader. But today Kelum who is the student leader of “Katha Baha” committee, offered me the opportunity to conduct the program. This opportunity gives me a chance to test my hidden skills which were undergone because of many reasons. I was a laughing stock for our batch mates because of my some weakness in my personality & communication skills. But today I realize my potential. I was not given any leadership in any functions, but today kelum did it. I know there were big mistakes I made. But now I know that I am also a member of this world. Now I know that I also able to do some thing for this society.

Now I have started a new life. This is not a sudden change. I realized many of things about this world in my training place. I worked hard for more functions in training place as a team but credit was gone to others those who with good communication skills. So I realize that I must come forward. Other best influencer in my life is Ben. My room mate, Ben showed me my weakness. He told me to become a leader but not a follower. He told me to reduce my shyness and to come forward.

My life began to change when my web log was appeared Prof. Ajith de Alwis. He did a very good comment & appreciation. He is a great hero for me & that comment was a very big one for me. This is the day I realize my value after my parents give me my life.

There was weakness in communication skills in English. But Dr. Shantha Amarasinghe came across with this & he consulted me to improve it. He arranged a course in English department & offered me a chance to improve my skills. I am not telling that I am a best speaker in world now. But I know that I am a valuable person in this world.

I have to say one thing. I have not blessed with many things. I am dark in complexion & not a handsome guy. I have some financial problems. But I am very rich with good persons & their blessing. In my school life although I was not a good-looking child teachers were very much attached to me. Some of them were loved me same as my mother do. Because of many people & many reasons now I know my potential. Gods are not living in heaven, they are living with us.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil

This is a good news who engaged in solid waste management. A US based company has found a method to turn plastic back to oil.

See News Completely

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ammonia Production Plants

Because of their wide variety of uses Ammonia most highly-produced inorganic chemicals in the world. In 2004 world total production of Ammonia is 109,000,000 metric tons. China produced 24% while India, Russia, US produced 8.6%, 8.4%, 8.2% respectively.

80% of ammonia is used to fertilizer making & other uses are production of plastics, fibers, explosives, and intermediates for dyes and pharmaceuticals.

In Sri Lanka there was a Ammonia production facility, but it is closed down. I do not know the reason. In near future we are having a lecture on "A case study on Ammonia Production Plant in Sri Lanka" by prominant chemical engineer Dr. Dhamika Welhenge. I will able to get know about it after participating it.

These video will show you nice picture on Ammonia Production Plants

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A teen demonstrating his model nuclear reactor

WoW! a 15 years old student is demonstrating his model nuclear reactor. I found this video on model nuclear reactor while I am searching videos on nuclear reactors.

Pakistan is developing their third Nuclear reactor

A US watchdog says after analysing some satellite images that Pakistan is developing their third nuclear reactor these days. They are making it for to develop weapon based plutonium for their nuclear program. The Institute of Science for International Security (Isis) says the building progressed very quickly.

Pakistan has two nuclear reactors already. This is their newest project to increase their strength in war power & energy. Pakistan is developing country which is behind even from Sri Lanka with some economical factors & social indexes like per capita income, literacy rate, ... etc. But they have not skip their scientific progressed claiming their financial weakness. Although India & Pakistan are like cats & dogs, there are so many things to learn from them. "They import microchips while we are importing potato chips." They hire foreign technology to increase their production processes & productivity.

In Sri Lanka we used to import the final product which cost us for material+ process + innovation + labour + .... etc. This habit is not a sustainable one. We become more dependence on other nations. Importing is good. But let us import technology & transfer it towards industry & intelectuals. This will result more innovation in Sri Lankan industry.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Vice Chancellor paid a visit to our department

In the 5S day (23 th of June 2007) our VC, Prof. Malik Ranasinghe visited our department. Professor did not forget to inspect our upcoming new building, lab facilities & 5S programme. He visited our department in early phase & his visit uplifted our motivation towards the programme.

Our 5S Day

Chemical & Process Department held a 5S day with participate of all members of department. We worked as a one family to acihive a best outcome. Ushan Lokuthotahewage who was a trainee at Uniliver sri lanka was the student leader. We all worked together & achived our target.

The pictures were taken by our jounir student Dinesh, he was able to capture very good senearies. (There was large amount of photos, but sorry my web space is limmited so I have to manage it.)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another neglected Gold mine

These days our government & people become very hot. Why? Do not you know? Now we are a rich nation because we have petroleum resources under very deep sea. Now we are doing very complex studies on that resource. I wish my government to be success well. Because after we succeeded we can get rid of energy crisis to some extent.

But do you know that our investors & government have forgotten or neglected the largest resource which can quite easily convert into financial reality. We do not need to dig deeper sea. We do not need to put risky steps in this process. There are scientifically proven ways to extract valuable material from this reservoir. What is this great reservoir? It is sea. My mother land is blessed with sea. Indian Ocean is all around my mother land. We can found sea in every where of our country boarder.

Today Prof. Ajith de Alwis gave me a video on “Sea water & Salt based Industries in Sri Lanka” which is produced by VIVACE for Department of Chemical & Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa. The script of that video was written by Eng. S. A. S. Perera who is one of our senior lecturers & a prominent chemical & process industrialist in Sri Lanka.

The video documentary shows the present status of salt industry & the amount of neglected potential which can be used to change present financial state of Sri Lanka. We only extract two minerals from large amount of mineral amount. It is NaCl & gypsum. This is also done using low efficient processes.

In Sri Lankan sea water based industry we only produce NaCl as food ingredient & gypsum for cement manufacturing & building construction. In Sri Lanka there are salt pans in elephant pass, Hambantota & Putlam area which is rich with proper characteristics for salt pans.

1. Easy access to sea water.

2. Low rainfall with dry weather with high wind condition

3. Clay soil to prevent the percolation of water

4. Should not be subjected to floods

5. Large flat area with no poultry industry near by

6. Abundance of labour

7. Transport & export facilities

As everyone knows salt is produced by solar evaporation in some of costal area in Sri Lanka for consume. But NaCl has a very good demand as industrial chemical. World total production of salt is 220 millions of MTs. From that amount 95% goes to production processes of Cl2 & NaOH (Caustic Soda). USA is the giant, they produce 47 millions of MT while China, Germany & India produces 37, 16, 15 millions of MT respectively. They produce NaCl from sea water but they do not stop from that product. They continue their process on brine (which is a by product of salt production process) to extract other valuble minerals like Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate, Potassium chloride & other voluble minerals. But in Sri lanka the scenario is very critical. We pump the brine solution back to sea which is concentrated using large amount of energy. As scientific calculations we must use 2,555,200,000 kCal to evaporate sea water & to obtain 100,000 MT of salt. To obtain this amount artificially we need 6.375 billion of rupees worth fire wood or 378 billion worth fuel oil.

Now we have well established salt production facility. But we can not satisfy with that level. Because, we have not achieved the best. The most valuable intermediate products are reverse pumped to sea again. As example in third stage of salt production salt pan bed convert to pink colour, because of a bacteria which is consisted of beta carotene. It can be extracted and used to manufacture vitamin A. But we have neglected. The bittern solution which is pumped back to sea can be used to manufactured Ma(OH)2, Magnesia, Epsom salt, Magnesium oxy chloride, potassium Fertilizers. We can use NaCl to produce Cl2 & NaOH which are very valuable chemicals.

These processes are not very complex like nuclear fusions, microprocessor fabrication, rocket science … etc. There are scientifically proven ways to get chemical harvest from the field. We have feasible sites, primary production facilities & experts in sea water based manufacturing. Then what is the issue? The issue is with attitude of our people. Our people do not have a vision & mission to lead our great nations towards the future. Our entrepreneurs have narrow scope. They are intelligent. But do not like to explore new potentials. They prefer telecommunication infrastructure developing, entertainment & tourism, financial services, BPO, software developing, distilleries, petroleum, automobile, education industry … etc which are proven to be success. But our experts can prove with high level of feasibility studies, pilot plant designs & world class project reports if they are given a chance to do that. Chemical & Process engineering can used to revolute a nation’s economy.

I am not going to write about self sufficient in every aspect. But we have to explore our resources & we must convert them into financial realities. We have natural resources & intellectuals. Please make infrastructure to perform our abilities. We need to serve our mother land. Chemical industry is highly profitable. Check fortune 500 companies then you will find chemical companies among the top of the list. The only barrier is lack of awareness & attitude of our people.

Government & top entrepreneurs must pay their attention toward this kind of neglected potentials if they actually want to uplift the nation. The video which was given by Prof. Ajith de Alwis is very comprehensively described the scenario. It nicely show present situation of salt manufacturing & the great potential we neglected.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Prof. Ajith de Alwis comments my work today

Today prof. Ajith de Alwis highly appropriated my web log. He was kind enough to share his valuable time to discuss with me about this web log. This appreciation give me new life because I was fed up with working hours on spending writing web log while sharing my time among academic works & ChESS functions like 5S, Prabhashwaree, ... etc. I will continue my work toward the end of my life, because I have achieved my best award now. Prof. Ajith de Alwis is our driven force. His single word can motivate our student highly.

Chemical Process behind Semiconductors

Semiconductor industry has been rapidly developed. The field advanced semiconductor engineering is behind this development.

In advanced semiconductor field they manufacturer memory, logic circuits, microprocessors, and others based on electronic components on silicone semiconductors. Usual materials involve in designing of electronic components are includes silicone (Si), germanium (Ge) (Group IV elements in the periodic table), and multi-components that contain two or three elements, such as gallium and arsenic. (The latter consist of elements from Groups III and V.)

Converting this materials into effective semiconductors requires 200 -300 advanced process such as optical development, high-speed and high-temperature treatment, chemical vapor deposition, ion embedding, etching, chemical and mechanical grinding and process monitoring. Finally, wrapping and testing are performed.

Dedicated and enthusiasts researchers have developed advanced chemicals & process to increase quality, performance & cost.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Faces of Engineering - Advanced semiconductor engineering

Advanced semiconductor engineering is a field which involve in manufacturing, assembling, processing, testing and selling of various integrated circuits. Other activities include manufacturing and selling of land grid array, FC substrate, IC frames electronic parts and materials.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc is one of the major companies which are involve in largely in this industry. There is a good trend towards this scientific area because of highly emerging engineering field like robotics & computer.

Because of Chemical Engineering deals with the development of products and design of processes in which materials undergo chemical, physical or biological changes on a commercial scale and its uniqueness lies in its strong science-base and its systems approach to problem solving. So we can find new ways to combine this kind of scientific area with our CPE field.

This shows new faces in Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

Video on computerized distillation column

This pilot scale distillation column is totally computerized so we can online monitor its process and have a nice feed back. We can control its parameters online. In our department unit operation lab we have a pilot scale distillation plant. But it is not computerized.

This video is nicely explain how it is working.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We are planning to do a "Prabhashwari"

The annual musical program "Prabhaswari" organized by ChESS under IRQUE financial assistance is being planning to launch in August 5th. The adviser & Senior lecture of our department Dr. Shantha Walpalage explained the procedure that we want to follow when deal with IRQUE fund. IRQUE is world bank fund so transparency is very critical & we have to follow tender rules ... etc.
I have worked for previous "Prabhaswari" musical program which was organized by some of our senoir bacth. This is very hard work & we have to scarify lot of our time. Time management is very important because we have to deal with huge amount of course works, project reports and exams ... etc.
Today we shared responsibilities among students. I was selected to group which is to undertake printing & designing of all artworks, posters, tickets, banners ... etc. This is the most heviest burden, so we are the largest group.
We must work all together as a group if we want to achieve this function reality.

Presentation on "online searching techniques"

Today morning we had a work shop on online searching techniques by senior assistant librarian Ms. Thushari M. Senevirathne. It was a changing point of my academic life. I learn lot of new things. It is the first time I come across that our university is paying every year millions of rupees to subscribe to online journals & databases.

She was very friendly speaker & modern professionalism was appeared in every step of the presentation. Our library seminar hall is equipped with multimedia & internet connected laptops. So she show us how practically browse internet using new techniques.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A virtual visit to a nuclear plant

Because of unavailability of nuclear plant in Sri Lanka it is a dream to visit one of plant & see how it works. If we went to work in foreign country it is very rare to do such a plant visit. But development of web technology has open new doors to get exposure to emerging & rare technologies.

This video which is freely available on YouTube shows removal of Reactor Pressure vessel of a nuclear power plant. It shows in very descriptive manner & we can feel a near real plant visit experience.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Guide on literature surveys

Library staff, University of Moratuwa will conduct a work shop for Chemical & Process Engineering student to guide them to do proper literature survey using library resources as well as internet. University has joined with various international resources like Science direct, IET … etc. So student can be accessed to wide range of scientific information at no cost. But awareness about those resources among student is very low. This kind of workshop will boost our enthusiasm on reading & surfing on scientific resources. This program will be conduct in library premises on 20th of June, 2007 at 8.00 AM.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sharing experience with School Children

We organized school – university interaction program under financial assistance of IRQUE project every year. We try to increase awareness on Chemical & Process knowledge of them by doing seminar & practical sessions. We invite about 50 schools which cover all major areas of country. In this year we are going to hold a program. In this program we do some interesting practical like making smoke bomb which increase enthusiasm of students.

This video is such a project, uploaded to youtube & paste here for you.

Some of our final year students

Picture 1

Picture 2

This is our department final year (S1) student while going field visit to Pellwatta Sugar industries. We visit there for two day visit. We went in the bus which was given by IRQUE project. (Not to our department but for university.) We stayed in Buttala University in night. We had a lots of knowledge as well as fun in that visit.

The smart person with black shirt is our New ChESS president. The student near him with a pink colour shirt is an Editor of ChESS society. (In picture 2)

This video shows a sugar cane farm. But it is not Pellwatta.

Work as a Chemical Engineer

Recently when I browes internet for finding some photos of chemical plants I found an intersting article about a Chemical Enginner. I think it will give some idea about chemical engineers carrier.

Making a Difference: Work as a Chemical Engineer

Andrew Fazekas
19 May 2006

Working for a petrochemical giant doesn't have to be all about making an already rich company even richer. It's also possible to use the opportunity to do work that matters.

John Ma (pictured left), a chemical engineer in Alberta, is an example. His professional goal, currently, is to make his chemical processing plant more efficient and more environmentally friendly. And that matters to him. "I feel like I am getting to explore my personal career potentials while at the same time helping my company achieve certain environmental standards," says Ma.

Read more

Sri Lankan Chemical Industry......

Departments of Chemical & Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa & University of Peradeniya are only resources which produce Chemical & Process Engineers to Sri Lanka. But majority of them leave country to work for other nations or some people join with  management carriers. This happen because of unawareness of Chemical & Process knowledge among entrepreneurs & people of Sri Lanka. People think chemical plants as a monsters. 

But according our knowledge even a hazardous chemicals can be produce safely if there are proper
facilities & skilled workforce. Another thing is producing chemicals can be considered as highly 
profitable process. As example when you producing sulfuric the only costly row material is Sulfur. 
Utility cost will be somewhat higher because high demand for electricity & fuels. Paranthan Chemical factory also closed because of war. It is a major place to play true chemical engineer's role.

Recently I read our one of great entrepreneur Ariyasela Wickramanayaka's article on news paper. He had told that our people waste 1250 million USD to import foreign food item. But if entrepreneurs can invest money for food industry our food engineers (minor stream in our department) can do a great job. Present Food industry in Sri Lanka is progressed very slowly because most of Food processing plant are SMEs. It is good but we need large scale entrepreneurs to be self sufficient in global scale.

There are enough intellectuals in Sri Lanka. We have great entrepreneurs & intellectuals, but there is lack of understanding between them.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Biogas projects

Biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of organic matter including cow dong, paddy husk, manure, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, biodegradable waste or any other biodegradable feedstock, under anaerobic conditions.

Its composition can be viewed as follows.

Matter %
Methane, CH4 50-75
Carbon dioxide, CO2 25-50
Nitrogen, N2 0-10*
Hydrogen, H2 0-1
Hydrogen sulphide, H2S 0-3
Oxygen, O2 0-2*

This biogas can be used as fuel for home use, to produce electricity. In Sri lanka and other developing nations use this biogas using community based small scale projects. But this can be used for medium or large scale power or fuel project. Following video will a large scale biogas project which was done by the onsite power system inc.

We are doing biogas project in our university and we had provide biogas for one of canteens in order to reduce their operating cost. It is very small scale project. In our biogas project we use paddy husk & cow dong as inputs.

Lecture on Biodiesel

Biodiesel Sample

Today there will be a lecture on biodiesel in our department by a visiting lecturer. It will carry out on 11.00 AM in seminar hall. This lecture is arranged to give a view on recent industrial activities related to biodiesel. I search Internet to find some articles & videos about biodisel.

Biodiesel is a diesel equivalent which is derived from natural sources. More info

This video shows you about production of biodiesel in small scaly

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bhopal disaster

This vedio shows nice view about Bhopal disater.

Read wikipedia for information on Bhopal disater

Tidal Turbine as source of electrical energy

Above picture illustrate a story of installing one of world's largest tidal turbine to generate electricity. This turbine will generate 1.2 MW. This project will implement in Augest in coast of Northern Ireland.

More info:

The following vedio will give a nice view on tidal turbine. It is an animation but very creative & informative.

This is very useful method to implement in Sri Lanka. Becasue we have legnthy costal area abut 1000 km. This is one of best renewable energy source which we can depend on over the whole year.

World 1st personal DNA analyzer

This is the world's 1 st Personal DNA analyzer. Now we do not want to be anxiously awaiting days to check your DNA. But cost is USD $14,995. Find more info

This vedio shows DNA analyzer but it is not the previous one. This vedio for you to get rough idea.

Share our training experience with junior students

Our immediate junior batch is about to leave for their industrial training session. So we are doing series of presentation to share give our training experiences with them. Today first phase is going on. While I am writing blog here at computer lab our batch students are doing this presentation in newly modified seminar hall. A comfortable seminar hall & multimedia presentation kit with a lap top were donated by IRQUE funds. So we can held our functions with out any troubles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dr.D.A.I.Munindradasa passed away

The last movement of the Dr. Amith Munindradasa

Older post .........

Reseach Interest : Semiconductor Material, Wildlife related electronics, Mechatronics, Automotive electronics, Acoustics

Dr.D.A.I.Munindradasa, a senior lecturer in Electronic & Telecommunication passed away in Israel. He was a dedicated lecturer. His body is not sent to Sri Lanka yet. All student are very sad because he is very young person.

Although he is very intellectual in modern electronics he love Nature very much. He is very interested in wildlife too.

Dr. Amith Munidradasa..... (Directions to his home)

This is the path that you should follow if you wish to participate to Dr. Amith Munindradasa's Funeral.

In Galle road,When you pass Pinwatta Cemetery (Panadura) on sea side, there is a large billboard by Blue Waters Hotel on land side. Passing that, after about 4 by-roads there is left turn (land side) to Pinwatta Pirivena Rd.(some flags are at the road top) Go along that about 1km and you will find a y-junction. Take the right side way and go about 500m further. You will not miss his house, as there is a banner and white flags

Read more

Obituary of Dr. Amith Munindradasa


Today ChEMUNIQUE team got together to discuss progress. The main thing we discussed in that meeting was about Sponsorship for that Magazine. We sort out some companies which we can keep hopes. Unilever Sri Lanka, Pelawatta Sugar industries, Coka Cola are some of companies which sponsored us with our previous publications. We discussed to draft a formal letter to invite for sponsorships & articles also.

Kasun Jayasinghe, who responsible for the graphic design part was not happy about the size of previous magazines. So we decided to follow some international publications such as CPE, TCE .... etc.

5S program

This vedio will show about 5S in Workplace. It is not our department. I got it from Youtube.

5S program of our department

5S program will be conducted in 23th of this month. All students & lecturers of our department will join this program. Two final year students who went under industrial training in Unilever Sri Lanka will lead the program. Final year students were divided into several groups. This group will be given separate areas to implement 5S. That group have to perform that target with help of junior students.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Iranian nuclear plant

Iranian nuclear program has a long histry which is driven back to 1950. They initially develop it with the assistence of U. S. After Islamic revelution they carried out their nuclear program with less U. S assistence. Thier Nuclear program has been come to a peak now. Now they are developing a nuclear power plant which is to generate 6000 MW electricity in 2010. They several resources includes several research sites, a uranium mine, a nuclear reactor, and uranium processing facilities that include a uranium enrichment plant.

But this program has been a hot project thesedays because U.S. and some other nations' officials allege the program covers an attempt to acquire nuclear weapons.

The above vedio will give a nice picture on theri effort.

Chernobyl disaster

This video is taken from Youtube. It clearly show how it happens in April 26, 1986 at 01:23 a.m. This is a good documentary which is not to skipped by any person.

This is the worst accident ever occurred in Nuclear industry. This accident occurred in April 26, 1986 at 01:23 a.m in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which is located near Pripyat, Ukraine. A plume of radioactive fallout drifted over parts of the Western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Eastern North America. Large areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were badly contaminated, resulting in the evacuation and resettlement of over 336,000 people. About 60% of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus, according to official post-Soviet data.

Health & Safety in Engineering carrier

This vedio will show you how Health & Safety apply in modern engineering disipline.

Monday, June 11, 2007

5S in our department

Two students who undergone their industrial training in Uniliver Sri Lanka did a presentation on their experiences on implementing 5S in their work place. Our department is also going to implement 5S in next week. Suranga & Ushan were those two students. Suranga did the presentation well with some sense of humer. The academic staff, non academic staff & all students were there. We discussed our present weekness after the presentation. The department head & other lecturers highly appriciate their presentaion.

Katha Baha

Today another program of Katha Baha was done. An Indian chemical engineer Mr. Kuldeep Varma did his presentation on topic "Distillation Columns in Industry ". He explain his experiences in his carrier of designing new distillation columns & optimizations of existing columns.

Biodegradable poly ethylene

Our final year project topic is “Biodegradable poly ethylene using combination of Manioc Starch & poly ethylene”. Now our group is in first phase of the project. We are doing literature survey on that topic to find out the necessities of that process. Dr. Jagath Premachandra, the project coordinator gave basic view on this project. He told us to identify the main processes which needed to every step of the production.

This product is eco friendly and will support our farmers when this product is doing in mass scale.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

After graduation …………………….

One of my blog readers had asked what I am going to do after my graduation. I have a dream to be an investor in Sri Lankan industrial sector. Sri Lanka has good potential for industrial growth. Some of areas have not been even touched yet. But it is very long journey to me because still I am a poor student. So I planned to work in industry as a Chemical Engineer. I try my best to find an opportunity to work in European country. Then I can save considerable amount of money to invest in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of poorest countries; not because of our people but because of our bad politicians & their kith and keens. My dream is to fulfill sort coming of our industrial sector by investing in chemical industry which is still under develop in our country.

We also need a V. K. Samaranayaka

V. K. Samaranayka was the pioneer to realize our nations’ ICT potential. When V. K. Samaranayaka left our motherland for ever we have won our place in today’s ICT globe. We have virtusa, MIT, hsenid, IFS, wavenet, WSO2 and lots to grab our intelligent youth’s potential in to today’s business world. Sri Lanka has become best source for European IT sectors’ BOP solutions.

As you know Chemical & Process industry in Sri Lanka has an untouched & neglected potential in industrial sector. With our greatest out come, our past graduates we can achieve it. But it is not easy. We need good background & government attention over to our chemical industry.

Initially government did not pay very much attention over ICT but V. K. Samaranyaka and other pioneers were able to win the government support towards the ICT. Finally he was able to drive our country to the peak of the ICT world.

We also need a pioneer to drive us towards the future. To boost Chemical & Process industry in Sri Lanka government’s & investors’ attention must need. These can not realize over night but we have to realize it gradually.

This is best Chance boost our dairy industry

There is a huge problem in our day to day life with the rapid increase of Milk Powder price. This is occurred due to failure of Australian milk production due to heavy drought. Analysis shows that this will be occurred until 2009. The situation is worst because now price of powdered milk packet has been risen up to intolerable level of normal consumer. This is a worst situation for parents with little children.

Now we can develop our dairy industry up to its peak. Because of high demand of milk at low cost our milk industry can be lifted to profitable level. Investor can invest money without any risk. Government must be hurry to take this opportunity to change our people myths about liquid milk & local products. Do not spend more money to import milk from European countries. Because of their higher level life style; their products are more costly which is unbearable to developing countries.

We can survive with our own dairy industry if there are enough investments. Mr. Harry Jayawardhana, Dr. Lalith Kotalawalla, Mrs. Soma Edirisinghe …. Etc have great responsibility to invest largely in our own dairy industry to be free from European dairy monarchy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today is my birthday

Today is my 23th birthday. My mother (in sinhala - Amma), Father (in Sinhala - Appachchi) & one and only sister wished me. I am in a boarding place because my home town (Kandy) is far away from my university. I want to give a party to my room mates. I do not have enough money to give a party for all department friends so I did not tell them about my birthday.

The above cake is for my blog readers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHESS learders were apointed.....

Today CHESS (Chemical Engineering Students Society) president, Secretary, editorial commitee ... etc were appointed. I am a final year student. I worked very hard for CHESS functions such as Prabashwaree, Bio gas project ... etc by sacrificing time while most of my friends are doing their own academic works. I got very low academic results because of sacrificing more time to projects like Prabashwaree, Bio gas project ... etc. I fall ill becasue working in old farm land to collect paddy husk. I lost my time to work hard for exams because of these things. But my friends, today neglect me and appoint their own friends to every positions.

This is usual behavoir of people in Sri lanka. When they give chances to people they selelct their friends and relatives not the best one. I can not claim me as the best. But I sacrify my best for CHESS progress.

Genetic variants causes serious dieseases have been revealed

Landmark Wellcome Trust study 17000 people blood to identify genetic variants which causes serious diseases such as
depression, Crohn's disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 and 2 diabetes. They were successful to revealed genetic variants.

Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC) involved 50 research group to do the DNA analysis.

more info:

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Expel CO2 emmisions to outer space

Alfred Y. Wong, professor of physics and director of the Plasma Physics Laboratory posits that conveyor which is built on Arctic can be used to expel our CO2 emissions to outer space. This process will be used earth's magnetic field to expel emissions into outer space.

more info: visit this site

The are several vacancies at Sipchem

There are several vacancies from supervisor to consultant in Saudi International Petrochemical company. This is very good oppertunity for chemical & process engineers who like to join petrochemical industry.

for more info:

To half the cost of solar power

Silicon is quite expensive material . This is huge factor to increase the cost of solar power projects. But by concentrating solar radiation on to minimum area we can reduce the consumption of silicon.

There is new innovation called "heliotube" to concentrate the sun rays onto very strip of silicon solar panels at the base of the tube.
By using this innovative concept manufactures can use 88 % less silicon material to produce solar panels.

more info:

The power of lightly touching

A British psychologist Nicolas Guegen has done magnificent research using good looking man. The man approached 120 women in Nightclubs over three weeks and asked them to dance. He lightly touch 60 women's hand when he propose while neglecting to touch hands of rest of women. By the touched 60 women 65% women aggreed to dance. By the untouched 60 women 0nly 43% aggreed to dance with him.
Nicolas Guegen did same research by asking to share telephone numbers. By Touched women 19% aggreed to share their numbers while 10 % of untouched women aggreed to share their numbers.

But I think this research should be done by involving different cultural groups. In that situation some time results can be different.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Sunday, June 3, 2007

WED 2007

World Environment Day 2007 is coming soon. It is June 05th. It is very important day to increase people awareness about environmental issues & get political attention on current burning problems.

The main international celebrations of the World Environment Day 2007 will be held in Norway.

Give a human face to environmental issues, empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development, promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues, and advocate partnership ... etc will be main targets of that celebration.

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