Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Compare "How to make Margarine" & "How to make Butter"

"How to make Margarine"

* Heat and crush plant seeds to produce crude oil.

* React with hydrogen in presence of nickel catalyst to harden part of the oil.

* De- gum and remove other impurities

* Filter out hydrogenation catalyst and other suspended matter.

* Neutralise with sodium hydroxide to remove residual acid from de - gumming process.

* Blend with mixture of edible facts and oils.

* Bleach with Fuller's earth.

* Add milk soilds, colouring, flavouring and vitamins.

* Filter to produce refined oil.

* Add lecithin and monoglyceridies to emulsify.

* Deodorise under vacuum to remove odours created through fat degradation and oxidation.

* Extrude into plastic tub.

"How to make Butter"

# Get the Cream

# Add salt

# Then Cool

# Churn

# Butter will be there.

So now you can think why butter is more taste than Margarine.


zaki said...

Do you really make those stuff: margarine and butter? At my work place, we do produce those goods.

Dilantha Thushara said...

Hi Zaki , I read one of our lecture notes and write this. If you can send the description & photos to chem.eng.lk@gmail.com I can get more idea on the process.